Submissions: Now until May 3rd

Line Up: May 6th

Festival (Watch on Xerb.tv): May 8th to May 22nd

Fireball Friday (Live Pro Show): May 8th @ 9 pm

Sunday Funnies (Live Pro Show): May 10th @ 8 pm

Festival 2nd Chance Show: May 14th @ 7 pm

Comedy Post Covid Seminar: May 17th @ 3 pm

Sunday Funnies (Live Pro Show): May 17th @ 8 pm

Comedy Theater Reading: May 21st @ 8 pm
Laffs and Pays – Get Tickets Here

Tales & Short Stores (Live on StageIt): June 5 @ 8:30 pm

Awards: May 25th

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ArtCube Army

ArtCube Army has fabricated and delivered face shields, face masks, and intubation shields to New York City hospitals and 1st responders.

Support NYC Comedians

This fund supports NYC-based comics – to get some assistance quickly, and without any red tape.

God's Love We Deliver

God’s Love We Deliver cooks and home-delivers nutritious, medically tailored meals for people too sick to shop or cook for themselves.

Festival Information


Comics from around the world share their talents for a celebration of laughter, hope, and community during this global crisis.

NYUCF delivers two weeks of non-stop videos, industry workshops, and livestream events. We’re here to raise your spirits, raise money for essential causes, lower your stress levels, and probably your standards.


We Are Seeking – All Things Comedy!!

Stand-Up Comics
Improv Groups
Sketch Comics
Short Comedy Films (Up to 15 minutes)
Original Music/Comedy Artists.
Funny Story Tellers.
Comedy Burlesque Performers.


7 Award Catagories

Best of the Fest
Best New Comic (Under 3 years experience)
The Watch List (5 artists we think you need to see again)
Best Improv Group
Best Sketch Comedy
Best Comedy Short.
Best “Made in Quarantine”


Plain and Simple

SUBBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED! Check out the Events and Seminars! ALL SUBMISSIONS ARE FREE. ZERO CHARGE TO THE ARTIST! Send a tape of no longer than 15 minutes submissions@nyundergroundcomedy.com You should own all rights to the film (Don’t send in a TV spot.) Please note: This is the set that will be put on line for the festival!!! For the “Made in Quarantine” section, please make it something you made during the crisis, but it observes proper social distancing rules. Submit right now, until May 3rd. And check back to this site May 6th for the show line up and show website!

Events & Line-Up

Fireball Friday - Live Event May 8th 9pm

Lori Sommer

Deena Baikowitz

Ray Ellin

Anita Wise

Jim Mendrinos

Leighann Lord

Sunday Funnies - Live Event May 10th 8pm

MC Jim Mendrinos

Marjani Jones

Dave Jenkins

Meghan Patenaude

Alli Fowler

Frank Vignola

Festival 2nd Chance Show - Live Event May 14th 7pm

MC John G

15 Great Comics

Sunday Funnies - Live Event May 17th 3pm

Jim Mendrinos – Moderator

Deena Baikowitz – Strategic Branding & Networking

Drew Tarvin – Emerging Possibilities W/New Tech

Leighann Lord – Expanding Your Brand

Carole Montgomery – The Future of Touring & TV

Al Martin – The State of Clubs & Live Events

Sunday Funnies - Live Event May 17th 8pm

MC John G

Jim Mendrinos

Lara Birrell

Joey Novic

Alli Fowler

Lori Sommer

Laffs & Plays Reading - Live Event May 22nd 8:30 pm

Benny Benowitz  Jim Mendrinos JohnG Robert T Cunniff Lara Starr Rigores Amanda Nicholas Leighann Lord Genia Starcev Diana Cherkas Joe Esbenshade Dave Jenkins Jordan Paige Fariaz Rabbani

NY Underground Comedy Festival - Event 1

Tracie Janye – Tracie Jayne Stand-Up Comedy Ethan Feldman – Ethan Feldman at Broadway Comedy Club Amanda Van Nostrand – Moms on the Go: Pandemic Emily Duke – Garbage People Dance Adam Gabel – Adam Gabel at The Casino Queen Reuben Wolf – Reuben Wolf NY Underground Comedy Festival David Bergman – Dave Bergman Live from the Comedy Cellar! Denny Daniel – Scrappy animation early 1900’s Railroad Fun New Media Comedy – Gay Drive In Brian Scolaro – TALK New Media Comedy – Living in Exile EP1 Judy Ortiz & Melissa Surach – How Will This End? Swathi.A.K – Comedy Debut Mike Provenzano – Quarantine Island Fran Capo – A World Record Mindset Janette Barber – Daily Woodie

NY Underground Comedy Festival - Event 2

Ariel Evans – The Stand – NYC Alyssa Briddes – Work Sweater Patrick Reidy – An Actor Prepares Avi Naiman – Relationships Alia Janine – The Quarantine Hero Rebecca Kaplan – Tik Tok Parody John Franklin – John Franklin’s Quarantine Six Minute Stand-up John Franklin – MasterClass Ad Gone Wrong John Franklin – Quarantine Thoughts with John Franklin Lara Starr Rigores – Lara in NYC bloopers Robert Cunniff – A Quiet Space New Media Comedy – Manhattan Love Story JohnG – JohnG Livin Large Dick Colligan – Dick Colligan NYUCF 2020 Brett Singer – Brett Singer at the Comic strip

NY Underground Comedy Festival - Event 3

Shaun Eli – Stand-up comedian Shaun Eli at the Emelin Theatre Liz Days – Letters from Janet – Covid-19 Birthday Carlos Gasperi – Live at The Stand Joe Zito – True Stories by Joe Joe Zito – The Escape Room David Jenkins – Guns, Parents, & Diva Cups Maia Akiva – Confessions of a Butch Woman Robert Cunniff – Clowning Around Benny Benowitz – The Pain, The Park and Other Things Meghan O’Malley – The Water Challenge Nick Carter – Nick Carter @ Broadway Comedy Club Lonni Delane – Is This What You Like Lonni Delane – Bum of  Year Jay Frank – I hate Lines

NY Underground Comedy Festival - Event 4

Wesley Williams – Wesley Williams Jenna Ghidaleson – Tribute to Coronavirus Frankie Becerra – Frankie Becerra Live Lana Siebel – Lana Siebel Comedian Meg Patenaude – Meg Patenaude NY Underground Comedy Festival Luz Michelle – Luz Michelle, Stand-Up JohnG – COMEDY COMFESSIONS with Revered John Jameson JohnG – Snow Blind Andrew Nielson – 36 Questions Andrew Nielson – From The Heart Andrew Nielson – Happy Birthday, Matilda Andrew Nielson – Help, I Hate My Family! Leighann Lord – Leighann Lord @Broadway Comedy Club

NY Underground Comedy Festival - Event 5

Zarna Garg – Zarna Garg at Gotham Comedy Club
Dave Sheehan – Stand-up from Dave Sheehan
Carly Montag – Carly Montag Stand Up
Justin Shaw – Justin Shaw Made In Quarantine Comedy Segment
Zilla Vodnas – Zilla Vodnas Bluebird Brooklyn
Josh Hyman – Alexa, Is He Cheating?
Josh Hyman – Beard Court
Josh Hyman – Cheetos, Baby!
Josh Hyman – Joey Boxa Thong
Carole Montgomery – Carole Montgomery at the Friars Club
Andreas Loizou – Andreas Loizou Turnpike Comedy Festival
Trevor Glassman – Trevor Glassman Stand-Up Comedy
Crenshaw – Crenshaw at Broadway Comedy Club

NY Underground Comedy Festival - Event 6

Rachel Green – Rachel Green at Broadway Comedy Club Taylor Bernstein – Comedy Songs James Mac – James Mac New York Comedy Club Nick Carter – Nick Carter @ Broadway Comedy Club Michelle Slonim & Ben Rosenfeld – Love In The Time of Corona Lindsey Barnes – Lindsey Barnes Jim Mendrinos– Jim Mendrinos Not Dead Yet clip Mike Langan – Mike Langan Turnpike Comedy Festival Ralph Anthony – Ralph Anthony – I’m an Only Child John Brecko – #Quarantine Life Adam Muller – Adam Muller at Laugh Boston Ann Van Epps – Standup Set at Branded Saloon Fran Capo – Jack and the Beanstalk Gina Nicole Brown – Gina Nicole Brown at the NY Comedy Club

NY Underground Comedy Festival - Event 7

Elizabeth Cheviot – Tupperware Elizabeth Cheviot – @localstargazer360 Elizabeth Cheviot – Gemini Twins? Elizabeth Cheviot – Paper Straws Elizabeth Cheviot – Karma w/ CARMA Elizabeth Cheviot – Crystals w/ @mrbarneybeans Brian Scolaro – 5 WEIRDEST CELEBRITY DEATHS Megan Patenaude – Megan Patenaude Turnpike Comedy Festival Shamira Clark – …And Zammy Kevin Brady – NY Underground Comedy Festival 2020 Kevin Brady – I’ll Bemoan for Christmas Kevin Brady – Wednesday Earlier Shows are the Best Elle Garcia – Rona Checks Kevin Bartini – Me and Me

NY Underground Comedy Festival - Event 8

Tania Lewis – Tania Lewis Live @Caroline’s on Broadway
Nicholas Garofolo  – Raw Sewage
Nicholas Garofolo  – Big Tony: A Mafia Story
Anthony Villiotti – Anthony Villiotti Standup Set
Julianna Maher – Julianna Maher @ The Knitting Factory
Sean Reidy – Greatest Fear
Sean Reidy – Classic Jen
Sean Reidy – Now Hiring: Angus Winter
Sean Reidy – Meet Buck Abernathy
Brian Scolaro – HITMAN
New Media Comedy – Profiles Please EP1
Valerie Paschall – Valerie Paschall @ Drafthouse Comedy
Jula Branda – Jula Branda Performs at the PIT

NY Underground Comedy Festival - Event 9

New Media Comedy – Gail’s New Boyfriend

The Festival Begins!